HSPW is an investment by Orion, a company focused on ESG issues. Launched in 2020, it is a Health Tech platform of identification, continuous monitoring and promotion of habits change for all employees and family members of the company at affordable costs. Bringing together Integral Health experts in a Dream Team, HSPW offers the most complete solution in preventive health.

“HSPW democratizes the access to videos and content from renowned experts, who transform people’s habits and lives”


With administrative and commercial headquarters in São Paulo and development offices in Santa Catarina, the company already serves clients all over Brazil, and is now moving on to international expansion in countries like the United States, Mexico, and Colombia.


According to Mr. José Roberto Corrales, one of the founders of the company, the plans are daring: “In three years our goal is to reach one million collaborators, in a subscription system with the companies, and more than 4 million consumers gathered in our ecosystem”. Ms. Glenda Kozlowski and Mr. Jairo Bouer will be responsible for the health tips, with content creation.

We will bring together content with artificial intelligence, bring personalized health to all users, improve people’s lives and happiness index,” says Ms. Glenda Kozlowski. Mr. Marcelo Nóbrega adds, “taking care of people so that they take care of their company, is an investment with guaranteed return.” 

Integral Health is a central theme in health and wellness programs in companies around the world, and programs to this effect are being widely adopted. HSPW is a platform that fully embraces these initiatives.


Graduated from USP in medicine. He is a nation recognized Psychiatrist, Educator, Lecturer, Writer and Television Presenter

Dr. Jairo Bouer

Medical Director

With more than 20 years of experience as an Integrative and Preventive Medicine Physician. Neuroscientist, Researcher and Lecturer

Dr. Fábio Gabas

Integrative Medicine

Experiência de 15+ anos em desenvolvimento de produtos e gestão de pessoas. MBA em Gestão de Projetos e Equipes de Alto Desempenho.

Tatiane Froner


Member of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Dra. Saada Chidiac

Medical Director

Graduated in Information Systems, MBA Project Management by FGV. 20 years working in software development, leading projects and teams

Cleisson Barboza

Technological Director

Especialista em computação e em análise de dados

André Pizzolatti

Data Scientist
Glenda hspw

Brazilian sports reporter, narrator, presenter, entrepreneur and former bodyboarder. Certified by Yale University in Science of Well-Being

Glenda Kozlowski

Comunication Director

Economist with an MBA in Finance (USP), family counselor, financial educator in companies (Metodologia PROF® / UNICAMP) and writer

Marcos Silvestre

Financial Specialist

Fitness specialist and professor at the Link School of Business

Renato Pardini

Fitness Director

Board Member and CEO of international pharmaceutical companies

Nestor Sequeiros


Vice-presidente de RH na Luft Logistics

Angélica Nogueira

Human resources director

CEO Serafini Advogados

André Serafini

Law Director

Former HR director of MacDonalds, considered by Linkedin as one of the most influential HR personalities in Latin America

Marcelo Nóbrega

Board member and Specialist in HR

ACATE Board Member, President Sapiens Park

Daniel Leipnitz

Market Relationship Director

Experienced CEO of international and national companies, such as Luft Logistics. MBA with focus in Macroeconomics from the School of Economics at USP

JR. Corrales


Clinical Psychologist Neuropsychologist in Executive Checkup Baía Sul

Dr. Ernani Carioni

Medical Director

Clinical Nutritionist in Executive Checkup Baía Sul. Member of Brazilian Society of Cardiology

Dra. Mari Abreu


Dentista, Sócia e Innovation Advisor da Clear Inovação. Especialista em inovação na área da saúde

Dra. Ana Bornhausen

Innovation in Health

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São Paulo
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2229 Conj. 71
Jardim Paulistano – CEP: 01452-001
São Paulo – SP


Santa Catarina
Rua Menino Deus, 63 – Sala 102c – Baía Sul
Medical Center, Florianópolis – SC | CEP: 88020-2101